Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a generic term that applies to any issue that is in dispute other than a criminal or family law matter. Often contested matters can be resolved without going to court, but it is wise to have an attorney with trial experience should a trial be necessary.

All of the attorneys at Dahl, Fischer & Wilks have extensive negotiation and trial experience.  This combination of skills is invaluable.  Our priority is to serve our clients’ needs and meet their expectations, whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant in an action.  At times, negotiation is the most desirable route, while at other times, a case may need to be fully litigated in court.

We can help you resolve any civil matter.  Some examples of types of cases we handle are:

  • Personal injury (car accident & slip and fall cases)
  • Money demands and disputes
  • Contract disputes

We represent both plaintiffs, the party bringing the action, and defendants, the party defending against the action.