Can the Police Search My Trash?

Trash: To Search or Not to Search. Here’s the scenario: you take your trash out to the curb every Monday and Wednesday night. Seems like a pretty innocuous chore, but weeks later you learn the police have been collecting and looking through your trash in order to obtain enough information to obtain a warrant for… Read more »

If I Get Stopped For a DUI, Do I Have to Perform Roadside Tests?

​You’ve probably seen or heard of people doing roadside tests during a DUI investigation.  But how much do you really know about those “tests?” First, you may hear them called different things:  roadside tests, roadside maneuvers, standard field sobriety tests (SFST’s).  These tests are “premised on the predictable effects of the consumption of ethyl alcohol:… Read more »

DUI Breath and Blood Testing and Refusals

Breath Tests, Blood Tests, and Refusals ​In Colorado, when you are stopped for suspicion of a DUI or DWAI, you are given two options under the Colorado Express Consent laws. You have the option of giving a sample of breath or blood and if you elect not to take either test, then you are deemed… Read more »

What is a Deferred Judgment?

A deferred judgment is a way to plea bargain a case that gives the defendant the opportunity to avoid a conviction for a crime so long as he or she successfully complies with terms and conditions of the deferred judgment.  If a deferred judgment agreement is reached, the judge will take a guilty plea to… Read more »

DUI Sentencing CLE

We had the privilege of presenting at a CLE this week.  CLE stands for Continuing Legal Education.  Attorneys are required to complete 45 Continuing Legal Education hours every 3 years in order to keep their law license up to date. The Colorado Criminal Defense Bar gave us the opportunity to present on DUI sentencing. Specifically,… Read more »